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Math Tutoring

Math tutor...options?

Parents should be particularly careful when chosing a math tutor for a child.  Cost of math tutoring can become a large factor.  If you child needs long term math tutoring, not a bad thing, the cost of a professional math tutor can become high.  Try finding one of your child's friends that is good in that particular area of math.  This can be a reasonable and cost effective solution to long term math help.  This however, is not a good solution if you need help with math on a particular problem.  If this is the case then I would suggest a "email" solution.  Choose a math help forum, or a quick paid service that should run from $10-$15 per solution.  Make sure that you (the parent) control any online contact.  Use your email address and communicate for your child as necessary.  This is for your child's protection.  Math help forum's can provide you with a good source of non-problem specific help as well.  If you find that your child is having trouble with a particular area of math such as  Peano's Axioms then having them receive math tutoring by browsing some of the readily available math forums with help refresh algorithm's and concepts.  
Types of math tutoring your child may need:
• Long term math tutoring...usually needed when trying to make up a grade or for learning disabilities associated with math.
• Concept based math tutoring...usually needed in high school or college to understand a specific concept.
• Problem based math tutoring...specific help needed for a single math problem.


Long term Math Tutoring

Long term math tutoring usually comes into place when a child has not received adequate mathematical instruction in school or there may be a learning disability involved.  Generally you should seek help for math in these situations within the framework of your public school, by augmenting your child's math skills at home, and/or enrolling your child in a private school that specializes in math tutoring either in a one on one environment or small compatible groups.


Concept based Math Tutoring

Concept based math tutoring should be anything that takes 1 week to 3 months to improve.  Under these circumstances it is best to seek help at a math learning center.  College students can generally find help in a math tutoring center.  Elementary school math students can usually get help from their math teacher.  I would suggest asking their teacher if they are holding any special math camps or if they would consider teaching them after school (1 or 2 nights per week).  Middle school math students may need to seek a professional institution such as a local math tutoring center such as Sylvan.  This can get expensive if done for more than a month.  Consider asking their math teacher to see if there is a student within their math classes that might be able and willing to help.  Try this option first.  It will help your child overcome math fears and give them someone within school that they can seek for math help.  As always, check out every situation before allowing your child to meet with someone.  High school math students have a few more options.  They can take advantage of professional non-school math tutoring institutions, receive classmate math help, or, a new option.  Community colleges have long been teaching math to "non-traditional" students.  Your local community college may provide a very low cost, viable math help solution by offering math classes that a student in high school can attend.  This offers several advantages the biggest being that it eases a young high school student into college life and helps prepare them for the rigors of college life gradually.


Problem based Math Tutoring

Problem based math tutoring help is probably best fitted for the internet.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online math tutoring options available.  Email can be used to email a single math problem to a person or group for advice.  Expect to pay between $10-$15 per problem.  Check out the validity of each math tutor or group before paying.  You may find people who have used different services on some of the math help forums.  We make no recommendations here and do not endorse any specific group.  Math help sites and forums like this one provide places for parents to get math help and instruction to aid their children in learning math at home.  Students are also encouraged to use these sites (free is good).  Parents who are home schooling their children should seek a support group or paid math content site since there are many states that have specific math requirements for graduation.  Other online sources include math software that can be purchased or freely downloaded.  This community is not large but is expanding.

With all math tutoring you should check out the source of the materials and the people teaching you and/or your children before utilizing their math help.  Math tutoring resources will be added to this site as they are found and checked.